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Frequently Asked Questions


Can my dog come to daycare with warts in the mouth (Canine Papilloma Virus)? What happens if my dog gets sick or injured while they are at Dogtown?How do I know my dog is safe while they are at Dogtown?What is your cancellation policy at Dogtown?What should I bring for my dog's stay at Dogtown?Do you offer training and behavior modification services at Dogtown?Is there a limit on the number of dogs I can bring for daycare or boarding at Dogtown?How does Dogtown handle contagious illness?How do I make a reservation at Dogtown?Does Dogtown offer pick-up and drop-off services?Can I bring my dog's food and treats to Dogtown?What is your policy on spaying/neutering at Dogtown?How often are the play areas at Dogtown cleaned and disinfected?Can I visit my dog while they are boarding with Dogtown?What is the ratio of staff to dogs at Dogtown?Does Dogtown have separate play areas for small and large dogs?Can I or should I bring my dog's bed or toys to Dogtown?What is Dogtown’s policy on aggressive dogs?What is Dogtown’s policy on feeding and medication?Do you have any breed or size restrictions at Dogtown?Does my dog need to be on a leash in the lobby at Dogtown?What happens if my dog harms another dog at Dogtown?Does dogtown pay for vet bills if my dog is hurt at Dogtown?What happens if my dog is hurt or there is an emergency situation at Dogtown?My dog had Parvo, but is better now. When can my dog come to Dogtown?My dog had Canine Cough. What is it and how long does my dog have to stay out of daycare?Can I tour the Dogtown facility?What are Dogtown’s hours of operation?Does Dogtown allow me to give my dog store bought vaccines?Is Dogtown kennel-free?What vaccinations does my dog need to have to use Dogtown’s services?What is the minimum age for a dog to come to Dogtown?Does Dogtown have breed restrictions?