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Huber Heights

Dogtown is a local, kennel-free doggie daycare and boarding business with convenient neighborhood locations! Dogtown is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, making it Greater Dayton’s most flexible pet care service! You do not have to feel guilty about leaving your dog while you work or travel, and you can always check in on how they’re doing by viewing our high-quality webcams!

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The Dogtown Difference

Dogtown is a 24/7/365 retreat for your pet where the philosophy is always "cuddles, not kennels." Our outstanding staff is here to oversee your dog as they enjoy spending time with new friends, both human and canine.

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We can't wait to meet your pup. But to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we'll need a little information from you before your first visit. Once your dog has passed an evaluation, you're welcome to use our kennel-free services any time!

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Live Webcams

Goodbyes are never easy – even if it's just for the day. With our LIVE webcams, you can check in and see how your pet is doing! It's a comforting reminder that no matter where you are, they're never too far.

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Those treats and toys aren't going to pay for themselves! If you're a working pet parent who doesn't want to leave your dog unattended during the day, we're happy to watch them while you're at the office.

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If you're traveling or need a place for your pet to stay overnight, our flexible, kennel-free boarding options help dogs feel at home. They'll enjoy company and cuddles that help them relax until you're back.

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Pamper your pet! Our grooming services include nail trims, teeth brushing, baths, trims, and breed cuts. New and existing customers can request these services. Ask about our convenient in-stay grooming options to save a trip.

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Grooming Services


Our kennel-free approach to boarding isn't just for dogs! Although cats may take some time to adjust to a social setting, we believe an open environment is always better than a confined enclosure. In addition, our feline friends will have plenty of toys and climbing accessories to keep them happy and stimulated throughout their stay.

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Josie a Swiss Mountain dog & Lan a Bernese Mountain Dog!2 day turkey coma 🦃Winston reminds us of a KFC chicken nugget 😋These pups aren’t Gobbling around when it comes to pictures! 🍁A sweet powder sugar face 🥹I SWEAR, IF I SEE ANOTHER SQUIRREL, I’M GONNA LOSE IT.Time to relax, a mid day snooze 😴That end of the week energy crash #readyfortheweekend 🍁

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Dog of The Month!

Say hello to our November Dog of the Month, the spirited and lovable Calvin! This handsome German Shorthaired Pointer has been a cherished member of the Dogtown family for over a year, and his boundless enthusiasm brightens every day. Calvin's passion for playtime is so cute! He's a true water lover and can't resist the excitement of bubble and hose time. The sparkle in his eyes when he's chasing bubbles or darting through the water is a sight to behold, and we all love joining in the fun.

One of the most heartwarming moments is when Calvin's dad, a veterinarian, drops him off at Dogtown. Calvin comes racing in with his trusty tennis ball, ready for a day filled with fetch and adventure. It's clear that he and his dad share a special bond, and it's a privilege to be a part of their daily routine. Congrats Calvin!