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Dogtown Liability Waiver



This waiver will be updated periodically. All clients agree, when using services, to waive liability and to agree to the most updated liability waiver which is readily available at all times, here on our website.


I understand that this liability waiver applies to all my current and future pets and all co-owners of my past, present, and future pets under the care of Dogtown using this sign-in and as the original signer, it is my responsibility to educate co-owners of the assumption of liability here.

I certify that my pet(s) and all future pets that I bring to this facility is/are in good health and I will not bring my pet(s) to Dogtown if they are ill with any communicable condition.

Dog Owners: I certify that my dog(s) does not have a known or suspected history in fighting rings as a fighting or bait dog.

I certify that my pet(s) and all future pet(s) that I bring to this facility have not harmed or shown aggressive/threatening behavior towards any person or animal.

I understand that if my pet(s) causes injury or shows unacceptable behavioral tendencies that are not conducive to group play, s/he may be banned from utilizing Dogtown’s kennel-free services.

I understand that if my pet causes severe injury or even death to another pet in Dogtown’s care, I agree to indemnify Dogtown and pay all costs incurred as a result of the injury or death.

If my pet(s) has a rough past, I understand that s/he is NOT permitted to use any of Dogtown’s services, and I will discontinue signing up for services. I will contact a manager for alternative solutions for my pet(s) care.

I understand that I am responsible for keeping my pet(s) vaccines up to date for Dogtown.

I understand that timid dogs, playful pets, irritable/older dogs, sick pets, or pets with bad manners may be more likely to receive injuries and I understand this is the nature of animals in a pack.

I understand and agree that Dogtown is not liable for the aggravation of any pet(s)’s preexisting conditions while using the facility, whether or not the condition is known to me.


I understand that Dogtown is a KENNEL-FREE establishment and there is risk involved in having many animals together. I understand that dogs and cats are dangerous creatures capable of significant harm and that they play and communicate with each other using their mouths. I understand, therefore, that if my pet may get hurt, even with serious injuries, I take full responsibility for injuries, or in an extremely rare case, death that may occur under Dogtown’s care regardless of the specifics of the injury. I AM PREPARED TO ACCEPT INJURIES, POSSIBLY SEVERE, AS A RISK OF A FREE-RANGE ENVIRONMENT.

In a critical situation where veterinary care is required immediately and neither myself nor my emergency contact can be reached to decide, Dogtown or my veterinarian are authorized to treat my pet by any means reasonably necessary, at my sole expense.

I understand that when lots of animals get together, viruses and bacteria can be passed around- just like children in a daycare. I understand vaccines do not cover every strain of communicable illness and even vaccinated pets are susceptible to illness. This is natural and normal, and I will assume any financial responsibility for any illness that my pet contracts from being at Dogtown regardless of severity. I understand that my pet is less likely to get ill the more s/he attends daycare because s/he will build up antibodies to fight future illnesses, and that some pets, possibly my own, may have more severe symptoms than other pets due to underlying conditions, breeding, or delay in treatment.


I understand and agree that Dogtown and its staff will not be liable for any problems arising in their care, and I hereby release them of liability of any kind whatsoever from my pet(s) attendance and participation at Dogtown. I understand that bringing my pet(s) to daycare is a risk that I am taking. I believe the benefits of a kennel-free environment outweigh the risks.    

I understand that although Dogtown provides a supervised social environment for pets, animals are not children and I acknowledge that Dogtown handlers cannot watch every single dog at every moment and I understand that dogs may sometimes fight without warning or receive injuries that employees do not notice from play or quick scuffles and come home with cuts, scrapes, major injuries, and/or illness from time to time, even though the pets in our care are generally friendly and EVEN IF THEY ARE PROPERLY VACCINATED.

I understand that Dogtown staff are NOT veterinary professionals and although they are very compassionate people who try to make the best decision about my pet’s condition, employees are not always going to make the right call. I understand that Dogtown is NOT responsible for diagnosing or misdiagnosing any injury or illness to my pet.

I understand that Dogtown values its staff and that they work very hard caring for the unique needs of the many dogs under their riff. I understand Dogtown has a zero-tolerance policy for customers who mistreat our staff. I understand that if I am unreasonable, unkind, overly confrontational, or mistreat, harass, or degrade any employee, Dogtown may consider that grounds to refuse to render any further services. In such a case, I understand my account will be disabled. I will work with the manager if I have a problem and discuss that problem in a reasonable manner. I will let Dogtown management know if I notice an employee acting poorly.

If my pet is sick or injured at daycare and Dogtown is unaware, I will call the facility and let them know so it can be kept track of by management. If I have concerns or complaints about any employee or situation arising from my pet being at daycare, I will notify a Dogtown manager in a timely manner.


I hereby authorize Dogtown to use my pet(s) in any photography, video, or other media on the website and social media and/or for any other marketing or training materials whatsoever. All materials featuring my pet(s) are the sole property of Dogtown. Even if I discontinue using services, my pet(s)’ photos will remain in historical posted photos.

I understand that the videos, pictures, and anything inside the Dogtown facility are the sole property of Dogtown and may not be copied or recorded.

I understand that disparagement of the facility or abuse of the employees may result in a defamation suit brought against me by Dogtown and I agree to indemnify Dogtown of legal fees should this action become necessary.

I hereby understand that if my pet transfers to another Dogtown location, this waiver also transfers.

By using Dogtown's services, I certify that I have read and understand the policies of Dogtown (aka Cat Town) as set forth on the preceding pages and that I have read, understand, and agree to the conditions and statements of this entire agreement.