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Welcome to Dogtown!

Green Township

Dogtown is a local, kennel-free doggie daycare and boarding business with convenient neighborhood locations! Dogtown is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, making it the Cincinnati area’s most flexible pet care service! You do not have to feel guilty about leaving your dog while you work or travel, and you can always check in on how they’re doing by viewing our high-quality webcams!

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The Dogtown Difference

Dogtown is a 24/7/365 retreat for your pet where the philosophy is always "cuddles, not kennels." Our outstanding staff is here to oversee your dog as they enjoy spending time with new friends, both human and canine.

The Dogtown Difference

How to Enroll

We can't wait to meet your pup. But to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we'll need a little information from you before your first visit. Once your dog has passed an evaluation, you're welcome to use our kennel-free services any time!

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Live Webcams

Tune in for peace of mind and hours of entertainment. Even if you want to watch your dog sleeping at night, go for it! We have cameras all over the building!


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Those treats and toys aren't going to pay for themselves! If you're a working pet parent who doesn't want to leave your dog unattended during the day, we're happy to watch them while you're at the office.

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If you're traveling or need a place for your pet to stay overnight, our flexible, kennel-free boarding options help dogs feel at home. They'll enjoy company and cuddles that help them relax until you're back.

Kennel-free boarding


Pamper your pet! Our grooming services include nail trims, teeth brushing, baths, trims, and breed cuts. New and existing customers can request these services. Ask about our convenient in-stay grooming options to save a trip.

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Grooming Services


Successful training is about more than just teaching your pet to "sit" and "stay." Because no two dogs are exactly alike in how they respond to instructional methods, we work with pet parents to develop a positive training plan.

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Our training philosophy

Enter to Win our Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

How the Halloween Contest works: $100 store credit for First Place, $50 store credit for 2nd place & $25 store credit for 3rd Place. Employees vote for their first, second, and third-place favorite costume. Their first will get three points, second two points and third one point. The top three dogs with the most points win First, Second, and Third Prizes. We will also post the winners on Social Media! If your multiple dogs have coordinated costumes in a single photo, they will be considered one entry and they could win as a team! WINNER ANNOUNCED ON OCT 31. LAST ENTRY OCT 30 MIDNIGHT.


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Lilly is looking super adorable after a nice groom!!! Don’t forget to bring your pups to see our amazing groomer!!! ❤️😉Happy Wednesday from Brutus!!! ❤️Chloe loves it here and we love her!!! ❤️Happy Friday from Jett!!! Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to stop in for daycare 😉❤️Oh what a handsome boy! Chase is looking good thanks to our groomer Skylar! ❤️ Schedule today, she really is amazing!Happy Saturday from Diesel! ❤️Clyde enjoyed his boarding stay and is ready to go home smelling nice and fresh after his bath! Thanks to our new bather Maddie!! Schedule today to get your dog smelling fresh and looking snazzy! ❤️Happy Labor Day from Stryder!! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We can’t wait to see everyone at daycare this week! ❤️

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BIG Dog of The Month!

Introducing Moxie, our "Big Dog of the Month" for September, whose sweet nature is the very essence of charm. Simply catching a glimpse of her from across the bustling daycare room is enough to trigger an eruption of excitement that sets her entire body wiggling with uncontainable joy.

Moxie's happiness is truly contagious, and her tail acts as a source of enthusiasm, swaying with an exuberance that's impossible to resist. We've grown incredibly fond of this cheerful girl, and every cherished cuddle she shares with us feels like a warm embrace for the soul.

Moxie has an unparalleled talent for bringing light into our lives, and her presence in our canine community is an absolute treasure. Her gentle disposition and kind spirit inspire us all.

LITTLE Dog of The Month!

In the spotlight this month is our beloved Tater, a little dog with an enormous heart. Tater's energy and enthusiasm have been lighting up our Dogtown family since day one. Despite his petite size, he's the life of the party, spreading cheer and wagging tails wherever he goes.

Tater is the sweetest, and his calm demeanor makes him cherished by all. Even as he's grown older, he still possesses a delightful spunk that brightens our days. His eyes light up when it's treat time at the end of each daycare day, and he adores all the cuddles and attention from our staff. It's no surprise that Tater is a staff favorite!

Congratulations to Tater for being our Little Dog of the Month - you've captured our hearts and enriched our Dogtown family in the most delightful ways!