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The Dogtown Difference

Dogtown is different.  We aren't your ordinary pet care business. Dogtown was designed to be flexible, convenient, transparent, and as much like home as possible. What we do is truly extraordinary in our industry, and our purpose drives us.  From our sleepover-style kennel-free boarding and enriching doggie daycare to our 24/7/365 availability and convenient grooming spa, you will love everything Dogtown has to offer.

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Check this video out to uncover the unique and extraordinary aspects that define Dogtown. We offer dogs an unparalleled kennel-free experience, day and night, defying the constraints of traditional kennels. Dogs deserve better than being confined in cold, concrete enclosures – they're family. This video offers a glimpse into the very essence of our distinctive business and its visionary concept. Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in our mission – just hit that play button and embrace the chance to learn firsthand what it means to be a part of Dogtown.

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A Home Away From Home

Cuddles, not kennels

At Dogtown, we believe pets are family.  Dogs are never locked up in cold, concrete enclosures. Rather, they play all day together and cuddle all night with other dogs, and a friendly person too!

Outdoor Spaces

Believe it or not, many pet care businesses do NOT have outdoor space. We think that's crazy. Dogs need to be able to go outside to potty, not only for fresh air but to keep their potty training on point.

Saint Bernard Puppy

Here When You Need Us

Whether you are going to work, heading on an epic vacation, going out for the night, or dealing with a personal emergency, Dogtown is ready for you.  We do not have strict reservation policies. There are never any cancellation fees, and if you need us last minute, we are here for you, no questions asked. Taking care of dogs and being there for people are our passions, and we will not nickle and dime you in your time of need!

OPEN 24/7/365

Even though it takes a lot of resources to be available to our customers and to keep staff on-site 24/7/365, we do it. It's part of our mission to be flexible for people.  We understand that people with crazy schedules have very few options in the pet care industry.  Between restricted pick-up and drop-off times, early closing times,  limited weekend hours, and outrageous late fees, we don't understand how other pet care services can possibly serve hard-working people effectively. No matter what your work shifts are, Dogtown is here to care for your pet.  Some of our customers even say that without Dogtown, pet ownership simply was not an option for them.  Being the reason the dream of pet ownership becomes a reality for a person is what makes what we do that much more worth it!

Safe and Inclusive

Dogs can be dangerous. Dogtown staff goes through rigorous industry standard third-party safety training.  We do everything possible to reduce risks.  Kennel-free does pose more risks since dogs are not locked up, and tend to get tired and cranky.  We manage this by providing nap times for the dogs and giving breaks if needed. We have been doing this since 2011, and we have learned so much and continue to proactively prioritize safety at every possible opportunity.

Toy breeds and small dogs are at greater risk. That is a fact. We keep the little dogs separate from the big dogs. Their safety is our top priority. Furthermore, small dogs are more comfortable with dogs their own size.

Many of our older dogs do not really love daycare anymore because they have slowed down. Our staff will keep senior dogs who qualify up at the front desk so they can just lounge around and relax.

Trust and Transparency

At Dogtown, we believe that dog owners deserve the peace of mind of knowing they can check in on their dogs any time. We aren't perfect because we are human, but we strive to be open, honest, and reasonable.  We can't be certain that every employee is going to act according to our protocol every second of every day, and we can't see everything that goes on at every moment.  So we count on our customers to be our eyes and ears and to help us be better every day and we are committed to engaging in healthy communication and problem-solving every step of the way.  

At Dogtown, we provide a lens into our daily lives, which is something many of our competitors refuse to do.  With an extensive number of high-quality live webcams, we aim to give our customers peace of mind.

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If you see something you don't like, tell us right away, anonymously if you'd like, and we will address it.  We are serious about providing a fantastic service, but we can only do that if you give us your most honest (and if need be harshest) feedback.

The Vibe Around Dogtown

Committed to Positivity

Dogtown staff is committed to doing everything that we do with a positive outlook. All of our methods are built upon a theory of positive reinforcement, and even when things get frustrating, we strive to be kind and reasonable. We believe that empathy and kindness are key qualities of people and we hire as such. At Dogtown we do not tolerate any action that shows unkindness to animals or other people. 

portrait of a small dog

Experienced Staff

We place great emphasis on staff competency by providing our employees with third-party industry education. All employees are certified graduates of the Dog Gurus program. This involves a comprehensive training program that combines over 20 hours of classroom instruction with an additional 100 hours of practical, hands-on experience. Following each classroom session, our staff members work with a mentor to demonstrate their newly acquired skills. They undergo rigorous testing and follow-up training to ensure their proficiency. This dedicated focus on training enables us to create a safe and secure environment for dogs, which, in turn, provides pet parents with peace of mind.

Hear from our happy clients

More Rave Reviews

There is no other place I trust to leave my dog other than Dogtown. We have used both the daycare services as well as overnight boarding and in both cases the staff is very communicative and keeps us in the loop of exactly how our dog does. The staff will also pay attention to when our dog needs a break after playing all day and ensures she gets some time to rest. We've worked with their trainer, Donna, on specific issues our dog was experiencing and we have seen SO much improvement both at Dogtown and at home. We absolutely love Dogtown!
- Angie S.
This place has been a God send for us. My dog Luke is a rescue, & has had a slow go of it with socialization, both with other dogs & with people. They have web cams where you can check on the pups. I left on a business trip today & connected to check on Luke around 230 pm. I just happened to catch the caregiver (they do their best to always have a person with the dogs 24/7) loving on Luke & him seeking attention from her. This absolutely warmed my heart to see her loving on him & him eating up the attention. Thank you for taking such loving care of my boy!! It costs a bit more to board here but the dogs are so well cared for & kennel free. Worth every penny.
- Angela J.
Staff truly loves and cares for dogs. They will go out of their way to make sure your dog has the best experience, even if they have dozens other to take care of. Very attentive and loving! I wouldn't trust my dog to any other doggie day care!
- Heather M.
This place is amazing! When I tell my dog that he is going to daycare - he gets so excited! Staff is wonderful and really seem to care about my dog!
- Melissa H.
My dog loves this place. She comes home happy and tired. I love the schedule and the flexibility.
- Susan S.

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