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How does the grooming process work at Dogtown?

Dogtown Grooming: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Our grooming sessions typically span 2-4 hours, contingent on factors like your dog's size, coat type, and selected services.

1. Thorough Pet Assessment:

A grooming associate will meticulously assess your pet's skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth to address their unique needs. Feel free to communicate any concerns, preferences, or special requirements during this time.

2. Brushing & Clipping (Pre-Bath):

Your Stylist will begin by brushing, combing, and clipping your pet's fur to eliminate excess hair or tangles. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are also part of this phase.

3. Relaxing Bath:

Our soothing bath is a time for pampering. Your groomer or bather will use the shampoo and conditioner you chose. All our products ensure gentle cleansing without drying their skin.

4. Personalized Drying:

Starting with a gentle towel drying for your pet's face, ears, and tail, our non-heated dryers with adjustable speeds take over. Each pet's unique needs are considered for a safe and comfortable drying process.

5. Tailored Haircut & Final Touches:

Completing your pet's haircut post-bath and blow-dry guarantees a beautiful finish without tangles. For pets receiving baths or de-shedding services, this time is devoted to a thorough brush-out, nail touch-up, ear cleaning, and all other finishing touches, ensuring they are ready for pickup.