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What happens if my dog harms another dog at Dogtown?

If your dog harms another dog and the injury is major, your dog may be banned, depending on the situation. For example, if the injury is purely self-defense, there may be some leniency.  Also, if your dog is frequently scuffling, s/he may be more likely to be banned for causing even minor injury or no injury at all.  We take both the gravity and frequency of harm into account.  It is situation dependent. After being banned from daycare, some dogs may be eligible for special low-ratio behavioral daycare, where dogs are in smaller groups, rotated in and out of play time, and spend dedicated one-on-one time with a dog behavior specialist. The behavior program is limited to a certain number of dogs.  The goal of the program is to transition your dog back into regular daycare, although there is no guarantee that your dog will ever be able to return to normal daycare groups. Each situation is unique and decisions are ultimately made by our behaviorists.