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My dog seems really nervous after my evaluation at Dogtown. What should I do?

Depending on your dog’s age and history, evaluations may make your dog stressed or nervous. If you notice anything off, talk to us. We understand the many stages of dog fear development and the risks of new situations. If your dog is having trouble and does not seem to like daycare, let us know.  It can sometimes take extra time and care to acclimate to daycare and we are willing to put in the work to make sure your dog’s experience develops in the most positive way while staying with us. If your dog is not doing well or acclimating to daycare, we will honestly tell you if we think further tries are going to be fruitful. Keep in mind, your mentality and attitude toward daycare is going to rub off on your dog. If you are positive and excited in connection with the daycare experience, your dog will adjust more easily. If you are nervous and worried, your dog will sense that and will not do as well in daycare.