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How Memberships Work

Discover the unbeatable value of Dogtown's daycare memberships, designed to make pampering your pooch both economical and hassle-free. With our membership, you take control, choosing the number of daycare days your dog gets to come each week.

What sets the membership apart? Not only is the price significantly lower than our base price, your price is also locked in – immune to any future price hikes. Picture this: loyal customers who joined us a decade ago still enjoy those same affordable decade-old rates today! That's the magic of our grandfathered-in pricing, ensuring your long-term savings.

Furthermore, as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty, members receive an exclusive 10% off on all Dogtown services, including retail, to our luxurious grooming and our comfortable kennel-free boarding. But that's not all – enjoy priority access, especially during busy seasons when everyone wants a spot. Members are never turned away!

Worried about unused days? Fear not, they roll over for 30 days, and our auto-billing system means you can focus on enjoying quality time with your dog without the checkout hassle. Plus, only our managers handle your membership billing, guaranteeing your special rate even for additional services.

It's not just a membership; it's an invitation to be part of the Dogtown family – where your pup is treated like family without breaking the bank.

Memberships Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of Dogtown Central, LLC, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions as well as any applicable laws and regulations:

  1. Dogtown Central, LLC (Dogtown) values your privacy and all personal and/or payment information collected for Membership is governed by our Privacy Policy.

  2. Dogtown reserves the right to modify or cancel these terms at any time and for any reason with written notice to all Members.

  3. Dogtown reserves the right to cancel a Membership at any time and for any reason after providing written notice to the Member. 

  4. Memberships are auto-billed weekly (monthly for an Unlimited Daycare Membership) and are automatically renewed for each billing period unless canceled by Member or Dogtown.

  5. All Memberships are non-transferable.

  6. In the event of non-payment, customers have seven (7) days to provide valid payment for the week, or the membership will be canceled and the price lock will be void. A new Membership will be initiated at the current Membership rate upon reinstatement past seven (7) days. 

  7. Members may cancel their Membership at any time by providing written notice to Dogtown.

  8. Members who pause or cancel their Membership will lose the locked-in rate and the current Membership rate will be charged on reinstatement. 

  9. Unused Membership days in a given week (Sunday through Saturday) may be rolled over up to seven (7) days past the Saturday of said week. 

  10. In the event your pet is no longer eligible for Dogtown services due to causing injury to any employee or other pet at Dogtown, the Membership will be canceled and no refunds will be issued. 

  11. Additional perks of Membership, including discounts on other services, are subject to change. 

  12. If a Membership is canceled in less than thirty (30) days from the date of enrollment, any used additional discounts on add-on services will be void and the payment method on file will be charged the non-Member rate for the additional services. 

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