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Introduction to Cat Boarding

Cat boarding at Dogtown is the best and coolest cat boarding in the city! You wouldn’t think that, given our business name, but we love cats too.  We designed our cat boarding service with the same free-roaming mindset we had when we designed Dogtown. Who wants their cat cooped up in a 2’x2′ “Condo” day after day? We don’t like that scenario for cats. So, like dogs, cats can socialize and roam in open, supervised rooms with other cats. Though unusual for our industry, we believe most cats get much more benefit from this style of boarding as they are able to explore several rooms with views, perching areas, and toys, all while getting care and affection from our team throughout the day.

Cat and kitten

Boarding features

Free Roaming Experience! 

A unique service we offer.  Cats stay in a furnished group room with a human, so they never have to feel lonely. 

Our Difference

Obstacles and Hiding Places

Cats have big windows to look outside and perch. Cats love to lay in the sun, climb on things, and sometimes curl up and hide away. We have lots of options to make cats comfortable.

Live Webcams

Tune in for peace of mind and hours of entertainment. Even if you want to watch your cat sleep at night, go for it! We have cameras all over the building!

Watch Now

Cat Boarding Tips

All you need to bring is your cat!

Cats free-feed here, and we have food, water, and litter boxes available at all times. Each member of our loving team visits the cats every day to give them pets, plays, and treats.

There is not a person with cats at all times or at night. Cats do not require the same level of supervision as dogs. However, we do check on them regularly. For this reason, we do not recommend boarding cats that are very old or have health conditions that require more monitoring.

It takes some cats a little while to adjust to a new environment, but most do really well once they settle in. With lots to explore and other cats to interact with, the experience here is so much better than cooped up cat condos.


Cats must attend a four-hour evaluation at Dogtown to enroll.

Required Vaccinations

Cats must be generally friendly and require the following vaccines: Rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV. Cats that are positive for feline leukemia are not permitted to stay with us.